COVID-19 and Upcoming Events

Due to the unpredictable nature of this pandemic, events are being addressed on a 60-day rolling basis to assist those whose events are most immediately impacted.

All of our clients have friends, family and colleagues who are high-risk and whose well-being would be threatened by attending an event. Many of our brides and grooms personally have health issues that prevent them from hosting a gathering right now. The magnitude of COVID-19 is almost incomprehensible.

We ask that you please abstain from contacting The Filter Building regarding your reservation as it relates to the ongoing pandemic until your event date is scheduled to occur in the next 60 days. Once your event is within the 60-day window, we will happily discuss options available to you at that time. Since COVID-19 is the one overarching issue affecting us all, there are no exceptions to this rule. Please do not contact us via phone or email to ask to be an exception.

If your event is beyond this 60-day window, we thank you in advance for offering your respect to those other clients whose events precede yours, for they also have family and friends with underlying health issues who would be considered high-risk for COVID-19.

Just like all of you, we're doing our best to adapt our nonprofit event venue given these unexpected circumstances. We thank you for your patience and for respecting our policies during this challenging time.


Please take care and stay safe. Thank you!